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Time to look for a new job?

The Christmas rush is over. Companies start the year looking for that superstar to help them reach the next level, and candidates browse recruitment sites looking for their next challenge. Looking for a job, as most understand it, is as “simple” as preparing a good CV/cover letter and apply to jobs online making sure that your application fits the 80% of their requirements. The question is: is this the best way to go about it? It’s probably the quickest, but if you are looking for something very specific – a very specific project, company, purpose, etc. it might be a long process to find the right company and fit.

How can we do things differently?

Let’s reverse the process. Instead of waiting for the “right” company to advertise a role, why don’t we advertise ourselves to those companies we are interested in?

  • Do your homework! Market research is the starting point. Find those companies and projects you’d like to work with, and get an appointment to introduce yourself.

  • Find networking events in your area where you can meet like-minded people in your industry. For example, if you are an agile coach in Wellington, find an agile meet up in Wellington where people from different industries working with agile methodology join to discuss the latest trends.

  • Don’t be shy – call companies you are interested in and introduce yourself. I promise you – they’ll remember you over the 200 CVs they have to go through for a specific role!

  • Referrals are also a good way to get a job, sometimes when you aren’t even looking. Talk to your network, you never know if they need someone like you!

  • If you are from a different country - take your time to learn about New Zealand and how the interview process works here.

  • Know yourself and what you want: a great attitude will take you far when you talk to your future employer.

No one said it was going to be easy, but it’s definitely easier to get hired when it’s obvious you know the industry, the company and have the right skills (and the willingness to learn anything that is needed!). Also, remember that technical skills are important – but don’t forget soft skills can take you far.

If you are a Software Engineer looking for a job and/or are interested in Technology & Networking, get in touch!

Crowd Sourcing Team

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