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Spalk assists the world's foremost sports properties in narrating their stories to a global audience. This is achieved through the creation of robust software, collaborations with prominent commentators, and leveraging distinctive commercial insights to enable sports leagues and broadcasters to enhance fan engagement and attain their objectives. The Virtual Commentary Studio and Media Gateway developed by Spalk are instrumental in producing and disseminating numerous sporting events to televisions and mobile devices worldwide on a weekly basis. The Talent Marketplace, a platform provided by Spalk, facilitates thousands of professional sports commentators in 50 languages to secure employment opportunities. Trusted by sports organizations ranging from World Rugby to DAZN, Spalk is relied upon to deliver their content with either multi-lingual or influencer commentary.


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Crowd Sourcing Insights

  • Founded in 2015 by two New Zealand entrepreneurs, the platform was conceived to broaden the landscape of sports commentary options. The innovative system allows for the integration of multiple commentaries on a single video stream, facilitating seamless multilingual commentary and enabling commentators to deliver live commentary from any location.

  • Broadcasters exercise the freedom to choose preferred commentators from the available pool. Subsequently, selected commentators log into the system, observe the live game, and record or stream their commentary. The company operates on generated revenue and is actively pursuing additional funding in the coming months, with commitments already secured from existing investors, reflecting confidence in the potential for growth and expansion of feature offerings.

  • With a team size of 14 individuals, including six dedicated engineers, the company's engineering team is based in Auckland, while sales and marketing functions are strategically located in the United States to align with the primary customer base. Notably, the company collaborates with esteemed clients such as FIFA, World Rugby, and FIBA.

  • Headquartered in Parnell, the company observes a structured workweek with office presence on Mondays and Fridays. Mondays are dedicated to planning activities, while Fridays serve as wrap-up days, focusing on reviewing achievements and outlining objectives for the upcoming weeks.

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