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In the realm of agriculture, Croptide emerges as a trailblazer, delivering actionable insights that empower growers to achieve superior yield and quality outcomes while minimizing resource inputs. With a sophisticated network of sensors strategically affixed to plant trunks, Croptide establishes vital connections between the evolving state of crops and specific fruit quality parameters and yield outcomes. This unique approach enables growers to continuously refine their management practices, resulting in heightened water use efficiency, increased yields, elevated crop quality, and reduced production costs. Croptide's cutting-edge technology provides real-time plant intelligence, placing the power to cater precisely to their plants' needs into the hands of farmers. In keeping with their overarching mission, Croptide is committed to equipping farmers with the knowledge required to optimize the water and health status of each individual plant, heralding a new era of precision agriculture.


Key Persons

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CEO & Co-Founder


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COO & Co-Founder


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Crowd Sourcing Insights

  • Funding and Runway: Croptide recently secured new funding, which has provided them with a runway of 18 months to 2 years. This financial backing will be instrumental in pursuing their strategic goals.

  • Croptide Focus: The primary focus of Croptide, driven by the recent funding, is on data analysis and generating new insights for their customers. They are dedicated to refining their application with insights from growers. The goal is to actively engage growers in using their platform to make informed irrigation decisions.

  • Partners and Revenue Model: Croptide's current partnership model involves partners contributing to research and development (R&D) rather than paying for the service. They are considering a shift towards a commercial sales model with their existing customers, exploring the implementation of a seasonal subscription approach. This transition aims to establish a sustainable revenue model.

  • Team and Expertise: In their pursuit of growth, Croptide has assembled a team with backgrounds in horticulture and viticulture. To foster better engagement with growers and effective data utilization, they've brought in Jess as the field manager. Jess's role involves building strategies for growers to extract maximum value from the data. Additionally, Croptide is primarily focusing its research and development efforts in New Zealand due to geographical proximity while maintaining warm relationships with overseas growers.

  • Product Development and Ownership: New feature ownership in Croptide varies, and the development process relies on cross-team collaboration to meet project deadlines. The primary guiding principle in feature development is to ensure that each new addition to their product adds significant value to their customers.

  • Current Applications: Croptide currently has three applications in their portfolio. The Grower Application is designed to aid growers in making irrigation decisions throughout the season, although it currently allows review of one site at a time. Croptide is contemplating the creation of a higher-level dashboard that would enable growers to compare multiple sites and provide multi-season reporting. In addition to the Grower Application, Croptide maintains two internal apps: the Admin app for job allocation and site setup, and the Fleet Management app for detecting and notifying errors with sensors. There's also the possibility of adding a fourth application to their portfolio in the future.

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