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Client Profile

Marama Labs, a startup established in 2019 following research at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, was founded by physicists with roots in the esteemed Raman Laboratory in Wellington. Their flagship product, the CloudSpec, stems from fundamental spectroscopy research in the realm of surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS). In addition to their founders, Marama Labs benefits from ongoing input from a diverse board of directors and expert advisors.

The CloudSpec absorption/extinction spectrophotometer from Marama Labs seamlessly integrates advanced technology into a user-friendly design. Operating the CloudSpec is as straightforward as using any other UV-Vis spectrometer. However, with the same effort, users gain access to three spectra—absorption, extinction, and scattering (obtained by taking the difference)—instead of just one.


Key Persons



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Crowd Sourcing Insights

  • Marama Labs, established in 2019 as a startup originating from research conducted at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, specializes in deep-tech hardware that harnesses science and software to optimize the utilization of liquid resources worldwide. Currently serving 16 global clients, Marama Labs aids winemakers in refining wine quality, assists academic researchers in discovering novel materials, and accelerates drug development for biopharmaceutical companies. Their overarching mission is to attain global leadership in scientific instrumentation and software.

  • Marama Labs' innovative technology employs light to assess liquid properties, extracting vital information from how light traverses the liquid. Notably, their technology stands out by accommodating turbid or sediment-laden liquids, such as wine. Customers leverage this data to influence their processes throughout the various stages of winemaking to achieve their desired outcomes.

  • Having achieved a robust level of hardware development, currently at serial number 41, Marama Labs is shifting its focus towards scaling up manufacturing. Their software, while in the early stages of development, is in the process of refining how collected data from the hardware is presented. Concurrently, they actively collaborate with customers to optimize data utilization. The company maintains a continuous improvement cycle, frequently introducing new features and closely engaging with users. Their current software setup comprises a desktop application responsible for running the hardware and saving data in CSV format, and a web application used primarily by wine customers for data interpretation. Other clients independently analyze the CSV data. The ultimate goal is to automate the CSV upload process.

  • In terms of funding, Marama Labs is on the cusp of securing 1.5 million euros ($3M NZD), which would extend their runway to 18 months, up from the current 3-4 months. The hiring process for the new role will commence once this funding is confirmed, which is expected within the next 2 months.

Current Engineering Team:

  • Lead Developer focuses more on technical tools and has limited management experience.

  • Senior Developer is present full-time in the office.

  • Junior Developer (part-time, 2 days in the office) may transition to full-time.

  • Another Junior Developer is in the office 4-5 days per week.

  • The team collaborates on both the desktop app, which deals with a broad range of data, and the web app, catering more to local vineyards and CSV handling.

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